Who He Is

Sho Minazuki is a playable character from Persona 4: Arena Ultimax (A.K.A. P4:AU). As a child, he had experiments taken upon him. However, during the experiments a Plume of Dusk was used, conjuring another soul inside of him who went by the name Minazuki. After some more experiments, Sho had fallen into a coma and his experimentor, who he had thought of as a father, passed away. When Sho woke up from his coma, he believes he was left behind and grew to hate the world.

His Personality

Sho is a rather energetic and rambunctious teenager, not afraid to get his hands dirty if needed. In fact, the way he priamrily communicates with people is through fighting them. He can be selfish though, hating to admit when he's wrong. Despite his rugged exterior, he can have a kind heart. it just might... Take a bit to get there. He prefers to be alone most of the time due to the fact that he despises the world and all the people in it. Sho is strong and can be very compassionate for what he believes in and wants. If he sets his mind to it, he'll get it done. His other personality, Minazuki, is essentially his polar opposite. If Sho is the sun, Minazuki is the moon. Minazuki is calm, cool, and collected, whereas Sho can get annoyed by the tiniest thing if in the right mood. My headcannon for his birthday that it is 1/20 and our anniversary is sometime in January, presumably 1/19

Meeting Him

When I first met him, I was on a group chat for persona one day and they were talking about Sho. That day I found out what he looked like and his prime characteristic (his puns). I just went along with it, not really caring. But, after Christmas, I finally got P4:AU. As I got into the Persona 4 storyline, I got to the point where Sho was introduced. At first, I gave a small smile. But, after he cracked his first pun, I giggled a bit. Usually I don't laugh from games, but something about it just made me giggle. Ever since that day he has been in my thoughts. Even though we may have spent time apart, my love for him will never wane.


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